Early Childhood Development and Nutrition

  • Early Childhood Development

    Facilitating training of caregivers. Providing an ECD syllabus. Aiding child development and further education.    

  • Nutrition

    Addressing food security by providing a healthy and nutritious breakfast cereal to more than 7500 children daily.

  • First Aid, Health & Hygiene

    Ensuring a clean, safe and healthy environment. Training Caregivers in Child First Aid, Health and Hygiene.

  • Crèche Administration

    Teaching the fundamentals of crèche administration. Assisting in registration with Department of Social Development.

  • Crèche Wish Lists

    Providing educational material, toys and other necessities to aid child development.                 Allocation of First Aid Kits.

  • Adopt-A-Creche

    Assisting with infrastructure repairs and renovations. Building new crèches.

  • SMS ‘Feed’ to 49444 to donate R20

    The easiest way to donate R20 to Feed the Babies Fund is by SMS’ing the word FEED to 49444.

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  • Mission Statement

    Our aim is to create change in the lives of babies and children of all races that are living in poverty by the facilitation of growth and development of babies during their formative years; from birth to six years old; through focussing on their nutritional and educational needs.

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  • Sponsor A Baby

    Sponsor a child by signing a monthly debit order for R30 or multiples thereof.

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