Our Adopt-A-Crèche campaign is a project aimed at the renovation and maintenance of crèches. This is a popular initiative amongst local businesses, enabling them to get involved in enhancing the lives of children in the crèches.Zam KZNFC 3

The crèches we support are usually poorly constructed, made out of corrugated iron, wood or mud. The structures range from mud huts, to broken down homesteads, Those fortunate enough may have sound structures erected by local municipalities, but in the main, the crèches are housed in makeshift buildings. They have poor or inappropriate ventilation, broken windows, leaking roofs, weak foundations and a lack of proper sanitation. In some instances, caregivers have converted their lowly shacks into crèches to assist the community in caring for these children.


Feed the Babies Fund identifies crèches requiring infrastructure improvement and brings these organisations to the attention of corporate funders wanting  improve the conditions which the young learners face everyday.

Contributions and initiatives through the Adopt-A-Crèche project ranges from providing the crèche with a lick of paint to building a jungle gym and even rebuilding the entire crèche.


Assistance to the crèches can take place in one or more of the following forms:

  1. Contributions of tables, chairs, mattresses, blankets, clothing, etc. to the crèche as required.
  2. Donations of stove, kitchen pots and utensils, gas, etc. if needed.
  3. Providing Jo-Jo tanks to ensure a continual water supply.
  4. Providing a porta-loo.
  5. Establishing a garden and planting trees.
  6. Fencing the crèche grounds to provide safety for the children.
  7. Building or sponsoring the building of a Jungle Gym or Sand-Pit.
  8. Assisting with building renovations and alterations as required from time to time.
  9. Adding an additional classroom to a crèche.
  10. Building a new infrastructure to house the crèche.

DSCN4998Should you be interested in the Adopt-A-Crèche concept, please contact Sibo at our offices or click on the Contact Us page and e-mail us your request.

Feed the Babies Fund offers further assistance to beneficiaries by introducing them to other charitable organisations focussing on support that we cannot provide.

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