Vision, Mission and Objectives


  1. To ensure that babies of all races receive at least one nutritious meal a day during the formative years, from birth to six years old.
  1. The promotion and maintenance of good health, hygiene and safety amongst babies of all races.
  2. To provide food security to all children during the formative years of birth to 6 years old.
  3. To ensure that all pre-school children stand a fair chance of a good education by being in a setting that lays the framework for future learning.
  4. To give every child a sense of love and caring by providing them with items of comfort.
  5. The establishment and maintenance of liaison with other organisations, including Government Departments, having aims and objects similar to those of Feed the Babies Fund.



Our aim is to create change in the lives of babies and children of all races, that are living in poverty.



To facilitate the growth and development of babies during their formative years; from birth to six years old; through focussing on their nutritional and educational needs.