Make a Donation


Sponsor a Baby

SMS the word ‘FEED’ to 49444 to donate R20 to Feed the Babies Fund or utilise one of the other convenient ways to donate to the Fund. Add Feed the Babies Fund as one of your beneficiaries. Our ‘sponsor a baby’ initiative is a fundraising effort to ensure consistency of funds on a monthly basis in order for us to better budget as to the number of babies we can feed on a regular basis.
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Our Wishlist

Schools Project

Adopt a Crèche

As we assist children, crèches and other organisations with a variety of much needed items, our wish list will change from time to time and season to season, however, our core needs remain as per the list below. Our school project, directed at pre-schools, primary and high schools, takes the form of education, social awareness and fundraising. We receive many requests from businesses, organisations and individuals requesting ways in which they can assist Feed the Babies Fund with specific projects. Whilst we have the “Sponsor-A-Baby” initiative for assistance on a regular basis, they require something more tangible and direct, where they can ‘see’ their money at work.
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Give Back Campaign

 Litres for Education


By utilising Churchills International Express for your courier needs you can assist Feed the Babies Fund in raising much needed funds.  Fill up at BP Moore Rd, Glenwood, Durban and a percentage of your fuel spend gets donated to Feed the Babies Fund. Feed the Babies Fund hold regular events throughout the year. Your support of these events help us to continue our mission.
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