Our Wish List

Wish list

As we assist crèches with a variety of much needed items, our wish list changes from time to time and season to season, however, our core needs remain as per the list below.

Should you wish to donate items on our wish list, we can collect directly from you or they can be delivered at our offices at 23 York Avenue, Glenwood.

Things needed for our crèches

  1. ECD – Educational Items (Posters, Books, Stationery, etc.) and Toys
  2. Crèches – Blankets, Mattresses, Carpets, Furniture (Kiddies Tables and Chairs, Cots and General Office Requirements)
  3. Children – Clothes, Formula and Nappies
  4. Building Materials and Other Forms of Shelter (Containers, ‘Plett’ Homes)
  5. Other Needs – Medical Supplies (Gloves, Masks, Diapers, Basic First Aid Kits)